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Farmer’s Markets & Gratitude

on October 18, 2012

I’m working farmer’s markets again…

Andi Schoenbaum
Farmer’s Market Art Booth

Time for a moment of gratitude… It looks like I may be doing the signage for the juice vendor at tonight’s farmer’s market. I’m working on an order for wedding invitations. I had an inquiry for a pregnant belly painting. My first two farmer’s markets back in the game have shown great promise and I got a huge bag of the juiciest oranges ever tonight for $2. I’ve reconnected with old friends, met new people, and have the opportunity to build relationships in my existing customer base.

I’m grateful for exposure through Michaels, which is still in the mix for one class per week, with adequate enrollment. I’m grateful for an opportunity to stick my hand up for inclusion in the Huntington Beach events circuit for face painting.

I’m grateful for maintaining relationships in the accounting community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice my public speaking and refine my message in Toastmasters. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about those currently struggling with mental illness and treatment through NAMI. I’m grateful that there are other organizations I’m learning about that provide a hopeful outreach to those suffering.

I’m grateful that after four years, with amazingly $10 in my possession, that my vision is finally coming together. I’m grateful that I have enough food in my fridge, a safe car to drive, a tank of gas, a very comfortable roof over my head, little pets that love me, electricity, water, clothes, cell service and the support of family and friends to get to the next step. Keep it coming! Amen.

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